Father makes son confess he raped a girl and takes him to the police station

"I would do the same thing again," the father said.


One father from South Wales got the praise by the whole country for teaching his son a life lesson by making him confess a crime he did. After 47-year-old Jonathan and his wife Sarah learned their 18-year old son Jack Evans was guilty of raping a young girl, they reported the case to the police. People say it was a brave thing to do, knowing that many other parents in their situation would do all in their power to protect their children from serving jail time even though they would know they are guilty. But this family knew the right thing to do was to stand for the girl their son hurt.

The girl never really came forward, and things would remain silent if Jonathan didn’t see the text messages his son was sending to the victim.

In the messages, Jack was telling the girl he raped not to speak to anyone about what happened. Jonathan didn’t think twice before he went to the children’s advice center where he was advised to report the case to the police, which he did.

Speaking to The Mirror, this father said, “I did not march him to the station, I believe you have to own what you did. So I had to make it his choice.” Jonathan wanted Jack to understand that what he did was very wrong and wanted him to accept that he was guilty.

“I am really proud of him for coming to the conclusion that the right thing to do was admit to it. He was a bright lad, he just is made a mistake. I’m hoping being in prison will give him time to reflect,” Jonathan said after his son confessed the crime.

“We wanted to get him to understand what he’s done. He’s taken it in now that what he’s done is wrong. It’s been very difficult but I just wanted to help him. We are strong as a family group and have had lots of support from friends and they are telling me I have done the right thing.”

The case was taken to court. Gareth Williams, who was on the defending side said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, “It is extremely rare for anyone to admit to such a serious offence without there being a complaint,” and asked for a suspended sentence. But Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke believed Jack had to serve time for his crime.

“Two months after the rape you apologised to your victim and said you understood why she was upset,” the judge said. “But that text came to the attention of your father and mother who took you to a police station. You told an officer your name and said you’d has sex with the young woman.”

Jack will be serving two years time at a young offender institution and will be listed as a sex offender for 10 years. His father hopes Jack will join him in his engineering company after his sentence is served.

“I would do the same thing again, I would have to because that is my moral standing on it, it is painful but it is right. You cannot get on with your life if you live your life under a lie, as much as this hurts it is the right thing to do,” Jonathan said.

This father knew what was best for his son and we honestly believe that what he did will only make Jack a better person and will provide him with a fresh start.

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