4-year-old boy has his eye removed over Christmas after mom spots rare cancer in photo

Wishing this little fighter the very best Christmas ❤️


As the merriest period of the year was just around the corner and the family of 4-year-old Noah Blanks was looking forward to the holiday, the presents, and Santa Claus, things turned upside down and their happiness was crushed by some devastating news.

The boy’s mom, Laila Gaudry took a bunch of photos of Noah, but when they looked at them later, the dad, Ollie, noticed a strange white spot in his son’s eye. At first they though it was just a reflection, but they could feel something wasn’t right.

After checking the reasons for it on Google, they discovered that one possible cause could be retinoblastoma. 

Noah was brought to the hospital and his parents asked from the doctors to examine him. Sadly, their fears have come true when they were informed how the sweet boy had cancer.

They started the therapy right away and Noah had to be on and off the hospital for a very long time.

Everyone hoped and prayed for the best outcome, but Laila and Ollie were warned that if the chemotherapy didn’t give the wanted results and the tumor grows bigger, Noah’s eye had to be removed.

“The path was always going to be hard but life threw some extra challenges at him from the beginning – he had an allergic reaction to the medication and developed a fever,” Laila said.

“But as time went on there were fewer complications and the tumour was responding well.”

The next Christmas was approaching, and the family was glad this one would be better than the previous one as the tumor was shrinking.

But then, out of the blue, they got a call from the hospital. Doctors informed them how the tumor had grown substantially and a surgery to remove the eye was the only thing that could be done.

“After everything Noah had been through, I couldn’t believe it. What was meant to be a good bit of news before Christmas had turned into a nightmare,” Laila said.

“I had an anger and heartache raging inside me that our little boy had fought so hard. But I also wanted the cancer gone and I knew that once his eye had been removed it couldn’t hurt him anymore.”

The worried parents decided to tell their son about the surgery after Christmas was over because they wanted him to have the best time of his life during the holidays.

The surgery was scheduled for December 27th.

“Noah had his temporary prosthetic fitted four weeks later and I was truly amazed at how good it looked and how well he coped. At his first check-up post-surgery he was given the all clear,” Laila said.

“Noah is now six years old and doing really well. His big brother Jake is so supportive and they’re inseparable – best friends and partners in crime.”

“I’m relieved Noah had the surgery rather than going through more treatment and it was the right decision for our family.”

This year’s Christmas, however, would definitely be the one to remember, as the charity Ray of Sunshine is taking the whole family to Lapland. Noah still doesn’t know that, as it will be a surprise.

Noah is such a brave little boy. He never let his condition put him down. We only wish him the best in the years to come.