Mom, 36, pregnant with triplets stuns the world with her huge and unusually shaped belly

This mom's incredible pregnancy caught the attention of thousands of people.


Maria Nordø Jørstad, a 36-year-old mom of a 3-year-old boy from Denmark, went viral because of her unusually shaped belly.

This mom was carrying triplets and documented her pregnancy with photos and videos, not knowing that her belly would impress so many people. From the start of 2018, the number of her followers on Instagram has been 46,000 and growing. Today that number is 364k.

Maria says most of the comments her followers leave are very positive and people tag one another on her posts. Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, she said, “I’m proud of my stomach! I’m also surprised at how it can be so big without falling down. It’s amazing!”

What is interesting about Maria is that as her stomach grew bigger and bigger, the rest of her body didn’t change at all and that made it difficult for her to lift things. But no one says that carrying three babies is easy and she was perfectly aware of that.

Maria’s incredible journey got the attention of many and people couldn’t wait to hear the news of her babies arriving into the world.

On September 12, she gave birth to Agnes, Filip and Iben, who are sort of celebrities in their country. Their mommy is overjoyed to have them by her side and and will continue to share details of their lives on her Instagram so people can see what life is like with so many children under one roof. If you want to see how the kids look like now, almost two years later, check @triples_of_copenhagen.