Everyone warned him about the gorilla he raised – When they meet 5 years later, I can’t hold back the tears

Everyone warned him about the gorilla he raised... But when they meet 5 years later, I can’t hold back the tears


Damian Aspinall is one of the greatest names among conservationists. Through his foundation, Aspinall Foundation, this man has done for the gorillas more than anyone can ever imagine. He has dedicated his whole life raising them and helping them get back into their natural habitat.

Among the gorillas he has saved was one named Kwibi, whom Damian raised and took care of until its fifth year of life. Following the away from its natural habitat, Kwibi was released into the wild.

Years passed by and Damian was eager to learn how Kwibi was doing in her new home. When he brought up the idea of reuniting with his old gorilla friend, most of Damian’s family and friends warned him that Kwibi likely adapted to the wild completely and she would probably be hostile towards any human who would try to approach her. Damian, on the other hand, was convinced his friend would remember him, and so it was.

Their reunion, which took place five years after they last saw each other, is one of the most touching we’ve ever witnessed. The connection between Damian and Kwibi is stronger that anyone could ever imagine.

This needs to be seen to be believed. Check out the video below.

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