Being there for one another when we need it the most is what keeps humanity alive.

A woman named Darrien Middleton shares an uplifting story about her grandma, whom she calls Nana, and a young boy from the neighborhood.

Nana had been living in the same house for over 38 years and she wouldn’t change it for anything. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she refused to move in with Darrien, saying that all her memories were in that place. On top of that, she loved the neighborhood so very much and knew that people living nearby would help her whenever she needed anything.

Source: Love What Matters/ Darrien Middleton

Being a nurse and a full-time student, Darrien didn’t have much time to go and visit Nana as often as she wished, but she knew her grandma was taken care of by her neighbors, among which 7-year-old Caleb.

“The first time Nama and Caleb ever interacted was over an extra plate of food Nana had made and given to him. You would have thought Nana had given him a $100 bill. He was so grateful and thankful for a steak dinner,” Darrien shared with Love What Matters.

From that encounter on, Caleb visited the elderly lady five times a day making sure she had everything she needed. He even helped Darrien each time Nana had a chemo treatment.

Source: Love What Matters/ Darrien Middleton

“He doesn’t come from much, but you can tell he has been raised on love. He will bust out a dance move in a heartbeat, will go on and on about how much he loves school, and make you laugh until you cry. This kid deserves the love he has received from this post. He stands out from the norm and brings so much joy into everyone’s life he is around. I am so thankful for him and the love he has shown my grandmother. I know for certain it has helped her on her hardest days. He will never know how much I truly appreciate him. I hope one day he realizes the impact he has left on her life and mine as well,” Darrien wrote of the special boy.

Source: Love What Matters/ Darrien Middleton

The photo of Nana and Caleb sitting on the porch together went viral and became a synonym of friendship. “Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, race doesn’t matter, they chose to love each other despite what everyone else is doing around them,” Darrien ended her post.

Unfortunately, Nana passed away, but she spent her last years surrounded with love.

Thank you Caleb for making such a change in this woman’s life.