Car flies off road and right into a pond – Trooper jumps in to save man and dog from drowning

It is because of heroic people like Marshall that we feel safe within our communities. Thank you!


Those people who are willing to go an extra mile and risk their own life for the sake of that of others are rare, and L/Cpl. Adam J. Marshall is one of them.

This brave man has been a trooper for many years, and since 2019, he is part of Troop 5 in the Grand Strand.

While on the job last Monday, Marshall heard of an accident which took place around a mile from where he was stationed. Apparently, a man and his dog ended up in a pond after their car flew off the road. They were trapped and needed immediate help, so Marshall didn’t hesitate even a bit, he rushed towards the scene and was willing to do all it took to save the passengers.

Once there, he noticed that the vehicle submerged almost completely. The man and his dog were running out of time, so Marshal jumped into the pond and tried to pull them out from the back window which was still above the waterline.

Explaining how the rescue mission unfolded, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety posted on their Facebook page: “He [Marshall] broke out the back window, which was the only part of the vehicle not completely underwater, but was unable to locate the driver and was unable to free him through the driver’s side door.”

Luckily, Midway Fire Rescue was on their way to the scene. When they arrived, they helped Marshall pull the man out from the passenger side door. The dog managed to get out as well.

“Midway Fire and EMS treated the man on shore and then, transported him to the hospital for further treatment,” the post continued. “We are so pleased to learn that the driver is expected to make a full recovery and his dog safely made it to shore during the rescue.

“Great job to L/Cpl. A.J. Marshall and those first responders from Midway Fire Rescue for your heroic acts and outstanding teamwork.”

They also thanked the people who found themselves at the scene and helped with the rescue.

The man’s son took to Twitter to express his gratitude to everyone involved in saving his father. “Hi, Im Jacob, Danas son, who was in the car,” he wrote. “I just wanted to thank every single person that was involved in the incident … Im astonished with the fearlessness of the trooper and anyone who was there … If theres any way i can contact him let me know. You guys are awesome.”

It is because of heroic people like Marshall that we feel safe within our communities. Thank you!