Dr. Phil is a proud granddad and many agree his sweet grandson London looks so much like him

Dr. Phil's grandson London looks so much like his famous grandfather.


Being one of the most famous TV show hosts and someone whose life goal is to help others makes Dr P.hil a one-of-a-kind celebrity.

He started his career when he offered his valuable advice to ordinary people on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In fact, it was Oprah who taught him a lot about what it truly takes to be successful in the world of show business. “I often say I’m the first graduate from Oprah University, and that’s a pretty great place to learn how to do television,” our favorite doctor says.


He also spoke of the impact Oprah had not only on his career but his personal life as well. On one occasion, he said, “She told me something personally that really meant a lot to me. She said ’use the media, don’t let the media use you,’. And she said ’if you don’t feel like interacting with everybody, just don’t go out there. You gotta have the energy to go out there and be nice to everybody, or just don’t go out there.’ And she was really right about that.”


Dr. Phil was shortly married to wife Debbie Higgins McCall before he met the love of his life, his current wife of 44 years, Robin.

Robin was a friend of his sister and he first saw her in his home. “The first thing he said was ’who are you?’ Not a great game,” Robin recalled in an interview with Yahoo. ”I was going back to school and looking for love was the last thing I had on my mind at the time,” Dr. Phil added.


They started dating and got married on August 14, 1976. Some years later, they welcomed their boys Jay and Jordan in their life. Speaking of his marriage, Dr. Phil told Us Weekly, “I always tell people that the formula for a good relationship is that it’s based on a solid friendship. We’re really good friends.”

Dr. Phil and Robin’s life was blessed with grandchildren who make their world complete. Their son Jay and wife Erica have two children, Avery and London. The proud grandparents share a lot of photos of the little ones and people can’t help but notice that they both resemble their granddad Phil a lot.


“They are amazing parents,” Jay said of Phil and Robin. “And amazing grandparents,” Erica added. “To see Dr. Phil be such a soft and loving grandfather is so fun, and Robin always makes the kids feel like they are the center of the universe. They are a special part of the kids’ lives.”

Even more great news were shared by the grandparents who are not eagerly waiting the arrival of their third grandchild, first from their younger son Jordan. “We are so proud of you and Morgan! Another grandbaby, yay!,” Dr. Phil wrote on Instagram.

Dr. Phil McGraw is a family man who believes the most important thing is life is spending quality time with the members of the family.

“I always tell people to make time for each other. whether it’s a date night or an hour through the day,” the author of a number of best-selling books said. “The stranger that feels, the further you’ve drifted away from what brought the two of you together. You need to remember and focus on why you feel in love with that person, to begin with. If you wake up everyday and ask yourself, ‘What can I do today to make my spouse’s life better?’ It’ll change the course of your [relationship].

“It doesn’t have to be something big. You don’t have to go buy them a diamond ring. You don’t have to go buy them a set of golf clubs. It could be a little note in their pocket. It could be something simple. ‘What can I do today to make things better?’”

These are some very wise words coming from a very wise man, don’t you agree? We wish Dr. Phil and his family only the best in the years to come.