Dog waits outside empty home for weeks after family moves places and leaves him behind

He couldn't understand what he did wrong.


Cupid, an incredibly loving and loyal dog from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was left behind. His family moved places and didn’t take him with them. The poor dog couldn’t understand what happened and why his humans wouldn’t open the door to the house for him, not knowing the place he considered home was now completely empty.

Cupid was left without any food or water, and whenever he would go around trying to find something to eat he would always get back to his house’s front porch.

Source: Facebook/ Speranza Animal Rescue

Thankfully, Cupid’s state of confusion and desperation came to an end after Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, learned of his sad fate.

However, getting near Cupid wasn’t an easy task. She approached him a couple of times, but he always ran away towards the porch and tried getting inside, looking for his humans to save him from Janine. But what Cupid didn’t know at that point was that Janine was in fact his savior.

Source: Facebook/ Speranza Animal Rescue

Janine never quit trying earning Cupid’s trust, and once they became friends, she could finally help him.

She was left heartbroken. How could some pet owners be so cruel as to abandon their dog who loved them unconditionally?

Janine shared her disappointment through a Facebook post she shared.

“This is what your dog does, When you move out and leave him behind….”

“I got a call this afternoon regarding your dog. That has been roaming around Harrisburg since you moved out. And more often than not he was seen lying on your porch.

“When i got there your dog was eating out of a dumpster. And when i tried to approach your dog he took off to his ‘safe place.’

“When I approached your doorstep , your dog frantically jumped up and scratched at the door – begging for you to let him in.

“Your dog then bolted once again, and ran down alleys. Away from me – the stranger trying to help him.

“The next time I approached your dog on the porch he sat there. He wasn’t interested in my food. He wasnt interested in me. He wanted back inside your house. He once again clawed at your door, but no one was there to let him in.

“I spoke to your dog and he would bark at me and yet again took off down the street.

“The next time he came back to your porch i spoke to him and told him I’m here to help. Help to get him off the streets.

“At that moment it was like your dog understood. He didnt bolt. He walked up to me and sat down. Allowing me to leash him.

“I cried as i put your dog into my car. And even though I probably sounded crazy I explained to your dog what was going on the whole ride home.

“‘I’m so sorry you were let down. But i hope you realize we are here to help. And you will never be left alone again.

“Welcome to the Family, Cupid.’”

The staff at Speranza Animal Rescue fell in love with Cupid the moment they laid their eyes on him.

Sweet Cupid treats them with licks and kisses as a thank you for keeping him safe and loved.

“He has been nothing but the sweetest gentleman since coming to the rescue,” Janine said speaking to The Dodo “You can tell he’s still really confused. But he is happy to meet everyone with a wagging tail.”

Cupid’s story touched the hearts of many. As for now, more than 50 families are interested in adopting him but he’s not ready to leave the shelter yet. He should get neutered and get over the trauma of being left behind.

The staff believes he can get along with little kids and other pets, including cats, as he was sharing some food with a stray cat at the time of his rescue.

Have in mind that even though Cupid is not ready to be adopted yet, there are plenty of other animals at the shelter who are.

“We know he’s super cute and he has a sad story, but so do many others,” Guido stated. “We have so many amazing dogs that are available for adoption, please consider one of them.”

If you wish to see what Cupid’s days look like at the animal rescue go to the video below.