Dog seen outside of store with a sign around his neck

Animal lovers have a lot to say about this story but regardless of what they may think, this is one SMART DOG.


The sad reality is that a huge number of dogs are being abandoned by irresponsible owners who simply decide they don’t want a pet in their life any longer. Most of these animals end up on the streets, while some find themselves at shelters. One such place was where a man named Steve Moore found his best friend, a three-year-old Golden Retriever named Jackson.

Whenever Moore needed to go somewhere, he would take sweet Jackson with him. However, as most shops won’t allow pets inside, and Moore didn’t want leaving Jackson alone inside the car, he trained him to wait for him while ignoring any distractions such as loud noises or passersby who feel the urge to get closer and pet him. The training involved a lot of trips and treats as the dog perfected his impulse-control skills.

These days, while Moore is running errands, he leaves Jackson outside with a cute sign around his neck which says: “Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.”

These sweet dog is very patient and never leaves the place where Moore tells him to wait at. He just stands there until he spots his favorite human getting out of the store.

A number of people who see Jackson in front of Target with the sign around his neck assume he’s looking for a home or some food, but when they get closer and realize that he’s one happy and loved dog, they just smile and pet him on the head.

Moore says that he’s surprised at the number of people who would love Jackson to be their dog while just shortly ago he was a sad dog at a shelter that nobody wanted to give a second chance and a loving home.

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