Dog Pushes Himself To Walk Again So He Can Be With His Favorite Boy

It had been four months, and vets said the dog would never walk again. But Grizzy kept on fighting for his boy.


Once in the house, dogs become an inseparable part of the family. They are equally important as the rest of the family members and Grizzy’s family knew that, so they never quit fighting for him once he was diagnosed with wobblers disease. This adorable dog and his human sibling Luke have been best friends from the moment they met and watching Grizzy struggle broke the boy’s heart.

The family was told that Grizzy could undergo a surgery and start walking again, but sadly, once out of the operating room, he was brought home on a gurney. It was difficult to move his huge body around the place, but his humans never lost hope that things could turn for the better for their dog.

The vets told them that it would take approximately four months for Grizzy to start walking again, but even after that period of time passed there was no significant improvement regarding his condition.

Determined to help him, his family placed Grizzy at a specialized facility, and although it meant he had to spend some time there, they all knew it was for the best. As it turned out, their decision was the right one, and after struggling for so long, Grizzy could be playing by his favorite boy’s side again.

Below is their story that teaches us to never stop fighting for what we love.