Dog offers his favorite toy to baby whenever the little one’s crying

These two are the definition of true love.


Dogs are the most special creatures that have ever walked into humans’ lives. For one, they are friendly and loyal, and what’s most, they are great around children. In fact, the relationship between canines and kids is the purest and most beautiful one there is.

Bonnie Michalek and her husband have a bullmastiff named Brutus whom they love unconditionally. They adore their four-legged pet so much that they refer to him as of their “first baby.”

When Bonnie got pregnant, Brutus knew that before anybody else. All of a sudden, he became overly protective and wouldn’t leave her side. “Brutus knew I was pregnant before I did — he definitely sensed it before I knew,” Bonnie shared with The Dodo.

Both she and her husband were 100% positive that Brutus would be an awesome brother to their baby because he would always get excited whenever he would hear children playing outside.

When she gave birth to baby Kayden, everyone was eager to see Brutus’ reaction of meeting the newest member of the family. When the dog first saw his human brother, he approached near and licked the baby’s face as though he was trying to say ‘hello.’

Brutus understood his new role was to take care of the baby and make sure the little one stays safe and sound and he showed that when he offered his favorite toy to Kayden when he started crying.

Bonnie says that none of Brutus’ toys last more than five minutes, except for the yellow plush toy that he loves the most. He never lets anyone touch it but he’s more than happy to give it to Kayden. “Every time Kayden cries, Brutus finds his fluff ball and tries to bring it to [him],” Bonnie wrote on Instagram. “So cute.”

Kayden is lucky to have such a great friend as Brutus. These two are going to have so much fun together.