Dog farts in his sleep, cat’s reaction to the sound has the Internet cracking up

We can all relate to this cat's reaction, don't you think so?


Cats and dogs don’t really get along. It looks like it’s in their nature to dislike each other, so when you see both a canine and a feline in the same room, you know that speaks trouble.

Now imagine owning the two. Well, I guess those people really have a lot on their plate constantly trying to keep an eye on their furry friends and making sure they don’t get into a fight.

One owner was looking at how peacefully his cat and dog were lying on the bed and decided to film the lovely sight when something unexpected happened. Boy, we are so glad he caught the ‘incident’ on tape.


At one moment, the tired dog closed his eyes and tried taking a nap when suddenly, he let a fart out. The cat got really surprised by the loud and pretty annoying sound and she just couldn’t ignore it.

Making sure the dog knows she hates his loud farting, the cat gave him ‘the look.’ But as though it wasn’t enough warning, she went a step further and took matters in her own hands.


She gave the poor animal two quick punches on the head. Unaware what was going on, the dog opened his eyes trying to understand why his kitty friend hit him. But she was just deeply offended by his careless behavior and wanted to teach him some manners.

We guess next time he decides to let a fart, he’ll first check whether or not somebody is behind him.