Girl Born With Silver Eyes Finally Has Family That Loves Her

For the first 23 months of her life, she never knew what it was like to be held, loved, or cared for.


This is the story of Primrose, the little girl that will steal your heart.

The lovely baby girl was born in China, with a condition known as congenital glaucoma. Unfortunately, it wasn’t treated during the first few years of her life and it resulted in turning her eyes completely silver and unable to see.

Primrose experiences hearing problems as well. That was apparently enough trouble for her mother to decide to leave her at an orphanage and never look for her again.

Source: Chris Austin

This cute little girl didn’t have it easy.

The staff from the orphanage, just like Primrose mom, weren’t willing to spend some additional time with her and teach her the basics that could help her become at least a bit independent. She couldn’t even keep her head straight.

It’s so devastating to learn that a child this young has never felt what it means to be loved and cared for. Luckily, this is about to change. Primrose’s life is about to take a completely new turn thanks to the special family of four that was willing to open the doors of their home to this beautiful girl.

Eryn and Chris first learned about Primrose from Facebook. The moment they laid eyes on Primrose’s picture something told them they had to have her.

Source: Eryn Austin

The Austins flew across the globe to adopt lovely Primrose.

Although they were facing certain financial difficulties, Eryn and Chris never let go of the idea of giving this child a second chance for a better life. They only feared for her health condition and wondered whether she would be able to endure the flight back home. They soon realized the sky was the limit for the brave Primrose who made it home safe and sound.

Source: Eryn Austin

Primrose’s presence in the life of her new family made an impact they could never imagine.

This is what the new mommy wrote about her daughter:

“These are mama eyes that only shut for 4 hours last night. And hands that held and patted a baby’s back for 45 minutes straight just to constantly remind her ‘Someone is here.’ A heart that is sure she is screwing up somehow at least 1,000,000 times a day. A head full of questions, anxiety, and fear. She is a mess. A total mess. And life is flipped on its very head because…

“Primrose Lin.”

Source: Eryn Austin

“This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, didn’t know the comfort of being held most of the day. She didn’t know that someone would come to her when she called out in her sweet baby language. She didn’t know that she could eat from a bottle without breathing the liquid straight into her tiny lungs. She had no idea that a big sister could cuddle you better than anyone and a big brother could tickle you into fits of giggles.”

“This is a baby who, just 38 days ago, got a mama and a daddy. Whom she cannot see or fully hear. Whom she doesn’t totally understand. Who took her away from everything she knew, however bleak that reality was, and planted her straight in the middle of a crazy whirlwind of a family. A mama and daddy who watched her fight for her life, who wept tears over her feverish body, who fought through third world hospitals and pretended to be brave – because… that’s what mamas and daddies do. We move in the face of all the fear because of our kids, don’t we?”

Source: Eryn Austin

Primrose’s takes things one step at a time.

She has a lot to learn, but the important thing of all is that she is happy and eager to grab what life has to offer. She now knows that there are people around her she can trust and rely on whenever she feels down.

Source: Eryn Austin

Things have been challenging both for Primrose and her new family, but their love for each other broke down all the barriers.

It’s amazing what this family did for a girl who had endured so much during her short life. Thanks to their kind hearts, Primrose will only know of love, kindness, and devotion in the years that follow.

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