Doctors were shocked by what they discovered behind this boy’s ear when they brought him to the emergency room

They put their healthy baby to bed, in the morning they found him paralyzed, he couldn't even swallow! When they took him to the emergency room, doctors and parents were amazed at what they found behind his ear.


A mother named Stephanie shares her son’s story in order to warn other parents of the dangers of ticks, small blood-sucking bugs which spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. They can also cause allergic reactions, pain and swelling, a burning sensation, blisters, and shortness of breath.

Stephanie started her story by saying that her son, Collin, went to bed all smiles. He’s a joyful young boy who loves running around and playing all sorts of games. The next morning, however, when she entered his room, he resembled a completely different person. He wouldn’t move and was only staring at her.

At that moment, she panicked and called her husband Dillon. Collin was rushed to the nearest hospital. He was paralyzed and no one knew what led to such a thing. A he was unable to eat or drink and his oxygen levels kept dropping, Collin was transferred to a larger hospital.

Doctors ran a number of tests before they finally discovered the cause. The boy got bitten by a tick that was succking his blood. If they arrived later, he could have suffered a cardiac arrest.

As they took the tick out, Collin got back to normal. Doctors determined that the paralyzes was caused by the bug’s saliva.

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