A woman, dressed in simple clothes and with a devastation in her eyes, enters a supermarket

"Please, I will pay as soon as I can."


The trust in God and the faith in the divine can do wonders. The power of prayer should never be underestimated because even during the most difficult of times, God is always on our side and watches over us. This story is a reminder that we should never lose hope and always turn to God when everything around us is falling apart.

A woman, dressed in simple clothes and with a devastation in her eyes, entered a supermarket. She was confused and it looked like she was going through some tough times. After some time, she gathered the courage to approach the owner and ask him for some food. She explained that her husband was sick and she had seven children to feed.

She asked if the could give her some food that she could pay for some time later. The owner wasn’t happy with the request and asked her to leave the place. However, as she saw no way out of her situation, she started begging to be allowed to pay for the items once she gets the money.

The owner wouldn’t listen, saying he couldn’t help.

A customer who was listening to the conversation decided to step in and pay for the items she had listed on the piece of paper that was in her hand.

The owner agreed, but he had a condition. He told the woman to place the paper on one side of the scale and told her he would give her every items that was lighter than the paper, expecting, of course, not to give her anything.

But just as she put the paper on, the scale sank down to the disbelief of those witnessing the situation. It looked like she put a heavy rock, not a light piece of paper. The owner then placed some food on the other part of the scale, but the scale on which the paper was didn’t lift.

He thought the woman was pulling tricks on him, so he asked her what items did she list. It was then that the woman took the piece of paper and handed it to the owner. It wasn’t a shopping list, it was a prayer which read, “The Lord knows my needs, I leave this situation in His hands.”

The owner then realized that the woman’s faith in God was so huge that He made a miracle take place.

Overwhelmed, the owner gave the woman plenty of food to feed her family.

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