Detectives Discover Wife’s Camera During An Investigation, Husband Is Finally Relieved…


Erica and David Lacey met at work and became really good friends, things progressed fast and about a year later they became romantically involved.

They got engaged and were committed to each other, in love and tied together in holy matrimony for the rest of their lives, but what they didn’t know was how long the rest of their lives actually was.

The day of the wedding got closer and closer, sadly Erica started to feel poorly and experienced chest pains, and so she visited her doctor when she wasn’t getting any better.

The doctors ran tests and a CT scan revealed that she had a growth, a tumor near her heart and what looked like another to the rear of the diaphragm. It turned out she had a rare form of lymphoma, but she only found out, sadly, days before she was due to be married.

Erica had treatment immediately and she was told that it would be best to cancel her wedding because of the chemotherapy she must undergo, but the two of them, to be husband and wife wanted to push ahead with the wedding!

They went ahead and got married while Erica was undergoing chemotherapy, her only worry was if her bandages would be on the wedding photos.

Dave Lacey was already devastated by the loss of his young wife Erica to cancer when a burglar raided his home and stole…

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Two years is the total time she lived after her diagnosis, and the couple took every minute of the time to be with each other, Erica was passionate about photography and took a camera everywhere to document all the moments she had that she wanted to capture.

When Erica died the camera was full of photos, 300 of them, that told her storey and her celebration of life right up until the end.

About a year after something terrible happened and Dave’s house was burgled, the precious camera of all the memories was taken too, amongst all the thing taken it was the only thing he really cared about and couldn’t replace.

He was absolutely convinced that he would never see the photos again because he hadn’t got any copies or even downloaded the photos off the camera.

Dave Lacey walked out of a Santa Ana pawn shop, happy to be reunited with a camera stolen from his home over a year ago….

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In a fortunate turn of events Paul McClaskey and Jerry Verdugo, detectives, had arrested a man, Dave Aguilar in relation to the theft of computers and had interestingly found many receipts from a pawn shop, so they decided to investigate further, this was the link they needed!

The pawn shop didn’t really help them, all apart from a canon camera, Jerry one of the detectives remembered being very angry as he looked through the camera at the storey of a young wife dying, and pondering how could anyone have carried out this crime!

Finally they found Dave, the victim of the robbery and reunited him with his camera and all those wonderful memories.

Had it not been for the awesome work of these to detectives, tirelessly looking for the victim of this crime Dave would have got his photos of his wife returned back to him.

Dave can now always keep safe those wonderful happy memories of his wife!