Deaf Man Breaks Down During A Pizza Delivery 2 Hours Late After Car Stalls, What Happens Next Is A Complete Surprise


Benjamin Houston from Flint, Michigan is a pizza delivery man who showed true dedication when his car let him down during a pizza delivery. He worked for Domino’s and that day he put his customer first!

His customer, Ashley Schafer had put her three daughters to bed then ordered a pizza and drink.

Ashley said:

“My husband is third shift so sometimes we have dinner for breakfast and all eat together. This night I decided to order the pizza to have it for the morning”

To deliver the pizza’s was Benjamin’s job, in his 2006 Chevy, but a short distance from the home of his customer, Ashley, his car let him down! He decided to walk the rest of the distance, about half a mile, really going above and beyond his job description.

Benjamin was hearing impaired but never turned away from challenges in his life, and certainly not this one either, that pizza was going to get delivered!

Benjamin Houston, who is deaf, walked a half-mile to customer Ashley Schafer's house to make his delivery.Schafer said…

Gepostet von KTLA 5 News am Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

“I don’t like sitting in a car doing nothing for so long,” he said. “Even though the area where I live is not safe for people to walk, especially a deaf person.”

So he set out for the Ashley’s home, on foot, determined to deliver their pizza one way or another.

During this Ashley had been waiting now about an hour, feeling confused, she finally got a knock at the door, now even more confused because there was the Domino’s assistant manager stood there, concerned about his driver, until he realized he had decided to finish the delivery on foot.

“I told him I wasn’t worried about the pizza,” Schafer said. “Go find Ben. It was 12:30 in the morning and being a delivery driver can be dangerous as it is.”

About half an hour later, Ashley got another knock at the door, this time to find Benjamin stood at the door with her pizza, drink, and pen and receipt in hand. When she realized he had walked she gave him an extra big tip and called the restaurant to let them know what had happened.

Ashley said:

“I know he has a huge heart and is dedicated and loyal”

“Nine and a half times out of ten someone else would not have done that. That speaks a lot about his character.”

Ashley was so appreciative she set up a GoFundMe page for Benjamin to help him get his car fixed, and ove $10,000 has already been raised, what a wonderful gesture for such a wonderful kind hearted guy.

Ashley said on Facebook:

“It might seem silly, but in a world that right now feels tumultuous and full of hate and in a city where itself and it’s people are constantly put down, there was this bright light that was Ben”

“He went far above and beyond, caring more about getting me my stupid pizzas [than] staying at his car and waiting for help”

Benjamin added:

“It’s more than pizza of course, it’s an enormous understanding of responsibility, respect for self and another human being, and above all unsolicited kindness.”

What a perfect example of selflessness and kindness, simply through the way Benjamin does his job, day in day out. If he can make such a difference in delivering pizzas, the we can all really do something to make the world better!