Delivery Guy on the Job Stops What He’s Doing to Fix American Flag Tangled in Wind

This delivery guy's gesture was very meaningful and incredibly timely with Memorial Day just around the corner.


Nowadays, when most of us stay home in fear of our health and safety because of the coronavirus, there are those people who have to be on the job every single day. Besides the medical workers, others also deserve all the praise for what they do every single day, like the delivery drivers who make sure our packages get at our front door no matter the severity of the situation with the pandemic.

Their commitment is truly important to many, especially those people who are way too fragile to get out and buy things for themselves. A family’s note for their delivery guy went viral recently. It read, “Thank you for delivering our packages to us. We have an immunocompromised baby and online deliveries are essential to her health. You are helping to keep our daughter ALIVE and well. We are grateful to all who are on the front lines delivering to our family. Much Thanks – The Bays’ Family.”

Another delivery guy vent viral for his incredible act just before America’s greatest holiday, the 4th of July. A woman named Chelsie Root Ashley from Adiar, Oklahoma shared a video that touched the hearts of many Americans. Namely, the US flag in her yard was tangled, and the delivery guy, Trent, made sure he took it down from the perch, untangled it, and put it back after he delivered the package.

“The hero of today is my UPS driver!!” she posted on Facebook on Friday. “My USA flag was rolled up so he stopped and fixed it before he left. Happy Memorial Weekend!!!!” Ashley wrote along with the video.

Trent had no idea someone was watching his act, but he did what he believed had to be done. He just wanted to do the honor to America’s greatest symbol that represents the core values all Americans tend to live by, freedom, democracy, the American dream, and our men and women in uniform.

Many praised Trent’s action and he said that he was glad he was caught on tape.