Woman Gives Server a Generous Tip Only to Learn Waitress Stole from Her Bank Account

It's hard to believe someone could do this and get away with it. Everyone should be careful of this scam.


When people don’t feel like preparing their own food, they usually head to the nearest restaurant where they can just eat what they want without spending time in the kitchen for hours. And while they are there and expect from the waiters or the waitresses to serve them hand and food, they should tip them accordingly.

But what happens when the servers feel they are not tipped enough and decide to take more money from the customer’s bank account without them being aware of that?

Source: Whitney Anderson

Whitney Anderson was having dinner at the Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant with her family. Before they left the place, this mother of three paid the bill and tipped the waitress more than 20% of the total amount, but it seemed the server wasn’t satisfied so she simply took additional $10.

It wasn’t until the next day that Whitney noticed what happened, after she took a look at her bank history. She couldn’t believe how the waitress dared to steal from a customer, especially because she believed she left a reasonable tip for the meal.

“It was $45.50 and I tipped $10 even, made it $55.50,”

she addressed the matter on Facebook after the restaurant owner wasn’t willing to accept her complaints. He refused to even have a talk with the waitress, didn’t say they were sorry for the inconveniences, nor took it as a serious issue. He only told her how it would take around seven days for her money to be returned.

Source: Whitney Anderson

“Our server filled out the blank customer copy of the receipt and threw our merchant copy away!” Whitney posted. “She forged a signature that isn’t even my name and tipped herself $10 extra. All the manager is doing is working on getting my $10 back and could take up to a week. I’m so angry that a server did this and who knows how many times she’s done this and stole money from customers!”

Source: Whitney Anderson

As it happens, this waitress has done this to other customers as well, not only at this restaurant but at the other many places she worked at and had been sacked from because she was caught stealing.

Whitney wanted to warn others so she contacted the local news station and shared the whole experience with them. That is when the restaurant management gave Whitney a cash refund covering the entire bill the very next day and apologized.

Source: Whitney Anderson

Whitney was happy to be able to warn people to be more cautious when they pay their bills. She says it’s important to check your bank account any time you are charged for a service.

Unfortunately, these types of frauds happen more often than we think. We believe Whitney did the right thing for not letting the server get away with what she did.