Dancer with Down Syndrome Blows Judges Away, Watch Moment Audience Gives Him Standing Ovation

Dancing is his passion, and he's good at it! The moment his feet get moving, the judges' jaws drop!


I don’t really understand why someone would still believe that people with Down syndrome are likely to live less fulfilling life than that of other people. This belief comes from those same judgmental and biased individuals who would shamelessly stare at someone who is a bit different than them, not realizing that being different means being unique.

Luckily, the number of those who are supportive towards the individuals with Down syndrome is huge, and we can’t be happier because of the fact that whole communities are becoming friendly towards these people.

Take lovely Andrew for example. He is our hero who proves once again that if you really want something, every obstacle can be easily overcome. He is taking part in the new show “The Greatest Dancer.” It aired on England’s BBC One and is produced by Simon Cowell’s entertainment company and focuses on ordinary people.

Andrew is truly extraordinary. His audition began as he and his mother entered the waiting-room space.

“Show time!” he exclaimed as his mother tied his dancing shoes. “It’s all about me now, Mum.”

His mother explained how he fell in love with dancing since he was 11 years old. This affection grew stronger by Andrew watching dancing shows and performances, just like the one he was about to take part in. You already assume, this means the world to this boy who would spent his days practicing the moves in his home’s living room.

“It just made him feel joyful,” she explained. “And that’s what started him on his love of dance.”

“Dance has helped Andrew’s confidence enormously,” she added. “His self-esteem has rocketed.”

The Evening Express pointed out that the concept of this show is quite different than everything we’ve seen so far. The contestants will only be revealed to the crowd if they get 75% of the audience’s votes in their favor. If this happens, lights flash.

Andrew started dancing to Justin Timberlake’s 2016 hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” and his performance is just wow. You just have to see it for yourself!

The show he put on stage made everyone’s day. He got the audience’s votes in no time and even made judge Cheryl Tweedy shed some tears.

“That was amazing and to watch you and see your excitement and see how much you thrive from an audience is such a special moment,” she said. “You clearly need to be doing this more because it does something for your soul, you’re in your element.”

Although Andrew’s dancing stole our hearts, another scene touched us to the core. As our star was about to start performing a woman from the audience was seen touching the shoulder of another young man with Down Syndrome saying in excitement, “Tom, Tom, there’s Andrew.” This was very sweet!

Seeing his best friend rocking the stage put a smile on his face, the way he put on ours.