Police Rip Open Attic Crawl Space Nailed Shut, Find Missing 6-Year-Old Locked Inside


After the mother of 6-year-old Braedence Jones from Camden County, Missouri failed to return him to his father, Ryan Jones, the boy has been reported missing. According to Lake Expo, the father court-ordered custody of the child and that’s when everything started. From that moment, no one knew where the boy could be.

Both the father and the authorities were deeply concerned for Braedence well-being because his mother’s boyfriend, Ferguson, whom they assumed was near the child, was a convicted felon.

The search for the little boy went on for almost six months. He was found after following a tip from the U.S. Marshals Service Midwest Violent Fugitive Task Force, KTVI reported.

The case of Braedence got the public attention and everyone was praying for the boy to be found safe and sound. These kinds of cases affect people very deeply because the lives of young children are in question.

Many people offered their help and there was a Facebook page “Help Bring Braedence Home” where people could share any information that could help officers track the boy down.

The search was finally over when Braedence was located inside a home around 30 miles from his father’s home, in a crawlspace in the attic.

He was inside together with his mother, and that tiny space where they were staying was nailed shut.

Little Braedence reunited with his daddy and it was indeed heartwarming. Ryan and his girlfriend Breanne Dominguez couldn’t be happier for having their son by their side again. They went on to thank everyone who helped along the way, saying:

“Our little boy is home! God is so good! Thank you all for the prayers, shared, phone calls and etc. we don’t know how to thank everyone enough. Our hearts are so full of joy. Just thank you everyone.”

The federal attorney charged Ferguson with multiple crimes, and currently, he is in custody.

“We also want to thank every officer that has helped on the way and looked for him,” Dominguez wrote in a separate post. “Thank you all for bringing him home, you all will forever be in our hearts.”

We are also very happy because the search ended well and Braedence will have a happy childhood with people who love him instead of being on the run with his mother and her criminal boyfriend.

A family friend set up a GoFundMe page where people can donate to help the family cover the costs for the search.