Dad “wastes” hours building a cat flap for his cat

I guess he didn't see that coming!


The moment the divine felines enter our life, they take all the control, and the sad reality is that we as humans can’t do anything about it. It looks as the mighty cats know how they were worshiped for centuries, and it’s still in their DNA to act like Gods who need to be well fed and taken good care of whenever THEY want it. 

They do know how to express their affection towards someone, but only choose to love certain people, so if you ever get approached by a cat it means you are a very special person, and yes, you should be very grateful  for that. 

Many times, no matter how hard you try, it’s simply impossible to make your cat happy. I am sure cat owner will agree on this one. You went shopping and got overly excited for that new cat toy, envisioning how your cute furry pal would be over the moon once they try it, and then you realize how the toy box is what they really want to play with. 

Cats are picky, and even if that leaves owners frustrated they will always opt for what they enjoy and not what humans want. 


Philo is just another smarty pants cat who has an unusual quirk. His owner Brian was overly excited for the present he got for his fur baby. A cat door that would make it easier for Philo to go in and out of the house, which is something he really loves doing. Apparently, installing that cat flap wasn’t the best idea this owner could have come up with. 

Now when everything was properly installed, Brian took his camera and couldn’t wait to see the joy in Philo’s eyes after he sees and hopefully uses the tiny door. As the cat approached the door, Brian encouraged him to get inside through the new opening, and as you may assume, Philo didn’t even notice what his owner did for him. He could have at least got curious and sniff the opening, but no, no reaction at all. 

What he did instead is sort of amazing. He got on his hind legs and pulled down the door handle with his tiny paws. The door opened and he casually entered the place leaving his owner in disbelief. 

Well, Brian, you could have thought better than this. Why would an intelligent cat as Philo even need a special door when he can just open the big one like a boss.

This is so funny, you have to see it for yourself.