Dad Sees Daughters Hair Looks Nice, But Does Something Humiliating To It As Punishment!


Beauty really does come from the inside, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about how we look on the outside too, after all it’s the first thing people see and perhaps says a little about at at the least.

It really is a great feeling to go mad at how you look and really make a big effort about out appearance, at least every once in a while.

One thing that a few of us care about is the way our hair looks, which is not really that surprising after all, it kind of makes a statement to other people in a way about us, and our hair is a super visible feature!

So it carries that a bad haircut can cause even the most confident of people to hide away and feel self-conscious until it’s fixed of course.

A really bad or crazy or even forced upon us, type of haircut is really an assault on us, especially if its done with malice or on purpose, don’t you think?

January this year a happy and jolly an confident young girl of 13 decided that she would try a different look, and naturally, that involved a change of hairstyle!

She came to the decision that she wanted to get highlights, a request that her mom Christine Johnson had agreed to! Her mom took her to the hairdressers for a lovely birthday treat, awesome, right?

Well, it would have been awesome to show off her lovely new look, but something terrible happened. Before that though, Christie took a photo of her lovely daughter, smiling, overjoyed with her new hairstyle…

Her happiness was very sadly short and not so sweet, just days after this Kelsey stayed with her father and stepmother, what would happen there would completely traumatize her!

The photos her mom took after the visit to them were awful and heartbreaking for her and for her mom, shocking even!

Kelsey is even too ashamed to show her face, but you don’t need to see her face to feel for this poor girl and how she must have felt.

What was once her long and lovely hair was hacked down to nothing, all gone, so incredibly short it would even make a grown woman cry, let alone a young girl!

The Facebook post written by the aunt of Kelsey says that the girl’s father and stepmother had cut Kelsey’s hair after they saw the new highlights…

”Actions have consequences.” was their reason for doing it! …Really?

For some unbeknownst reason, they were very upset over the girls’ new highlights and decided to do this awful thing to her hair, forced to have this boy’s haircut, like some kind of forced humiliation!

The father and stepmother could now be facing consequences of their own, because, as they said already, we believe, “actions have consequences”. Since they both work as firefighters their actions have landed them a suspension without pay.

Christie wrote in a Facebook post that the reason for the extreme haircut that she had was for the purpose of humiliating Kelsey.

The post had many comments and from people who are equally devastated on Kelsey’s behalf!

The post has of course gone completely viral and social services in Wood County have stepped in to conduct an investigation into what exactly happened.

We really hope that Kelsey will get the justice that she deserves and her father and stepmother will be punished for their horrific alleged assault and the humiliation it caused to the young girl.

I can’t quite imagine how Kelsey is really feeling, she will be reminded of the terrible incident every time she looks at herself, until it grows back, which could be a considerable amount of time.

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