Couple hid their pregnancy for months, now they visit their family and friends with a baby in their hands

The ultimate surprise!


What does it take for a video to go viral and gather the attention of millions? Well, apparently a new baby and a big secret.

Ben Hinders and his wife hadn’t met their friends and family for ten long months, and as everyone assumed nothing exciting or worth mentioning and sharing was going on in this couple’s life, they decided to keep it a secret from everyone that they had a baby.

Baby Ivy was welcomed into the world without anyone, except for her parents, of course, knowing about it.

As she turned one month, the couple decided to introduce their little bundle of joy to their family and friends. As they go from place to place, they leave their loved ones in disbelief. While some are completely shocked by the great news, others can’t contain their tears of joy. We totally understand the reactions. Just imagine your son or daughter appearing at your door out of the blue with a baby in their hands telling you that you became a grandparent.

This video is so worth watching it will put a huge smile on your face, that’s for sure. You can take a look at it below. Make sure to tell us whose reaction you liked the most.