Sometimes, it takes just a second of not looking for little children to wander off and find themselves in extremely dangerous situations.

A husband and a wife were driving along the Boulder Highway outside of Las Vegas when they spotted a very young boy riding his tiny bike in the middle of the highway. Knowing that there aren’t many houses there, as it’s mostly desert and very few suburbs, they were pretty much shocked by the sight. In fact, the husband repeatedly asked his wife to turn the flashers on as he thought he was seeing wrong.

The toddler could barely walk but he still managed to ride his bike very slowly.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ FOX 5

The woman, who was behind the wheel, pulled her car over and had her flashes on, trying to block the traffic in order to avoid a tragedy from happening. Both she and her husband rushed out of the vehicle and the man grabbed the boy together with his bike.

On the other side of the road, the couple spotted a block of houses and assumed the boy got out of home without being noticed so they started ringing houses’ bells and looking for the parents while waiting for the police to arrive.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ FOX 5

One of the residents, Matthew Eskridge, spoke to Fox 5 and explained how the man approached him and asked him if he knew who the boy belonged to. “As I came out the mom was running down the street and she ran out the gate cause she seen the cars parked on the side of the road,” Eskridge added.

The mom was in panic and feared the worst. However, the moment she spotted her son, she was relieved.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ FOX 5

The mother said she didn’t notice her boy leaving the place and explained how the gate to the neighborhood isn’t always closed and doesn’t latch properly. Although the community is gated, being located so close to the highway is indeed risky.

We are so glad a tragedy was avoided all thanks to the couple who spotted the wobbling toddler just on time.

You can check out the whole story covered by Fox 5 in the video below.

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