Clint Eastwood’s grandson Titan looks just like his grandpa while riding horse

Clint Eastwood isn't just a living Hollywood legend but an awesome granddad too!


Clint Eastwood isn’t only a living Hollywood legend who has impacted the world of film profoundly, both as an actor and as a director, but he’s also a family man and awesome dad and granddad.

Although he’s in his 90s, Eastwood doesn’t plan on quitting what he does best, being both on and behind the screen. His latest movie, Cry Macho, will hit theaters next month. He is both the director and the star of it.

Known for his quite turbulent love life, Eastwood was married twice and has eight children. In 2019, his daughter Francesca Eastwood, 27, gave birth to her son Titan Wraith Eastwood and fans are convinced he resembles his famous grandpa so very much, especially on the photos where he rides a horse. Well, Clint Eastwood had his fair share in cowboy movies, playing tough guy, and we honestly hope this little guy will decide to follow his famous grandfather’s path once he grows old.

Along the photos of sweet Titan riding a horse, Francesca wrote: “I’m so proud of u little rider!” Well, we are certain grandpa is as proud.

On another photo showing Dirty Harry’s star holding Titan, Francesca wrote: “Best dad. Best grandfather.”

Another member of the family, among the rest, who is totally enchanted by Titan is his uncle Scott Eastwood. Scott is following into his father’s footsteps and has already been part of some major films, including Suicide Squad and The Fate of the Furious.

When his sister Francesca was pregnant, Scott said he started thinking about parenthood a lot more. “I think about how I am going to be as a father figure, as a mentor — how am I going to be?” he told People in 2018. “How am I going to present myself as someone that this kid might look up to?”

He loves being around Titan and never misses a chance to share with the world just how happy and proud he is to be the boy’s uncle. He’s sharing cute photos of the two bonding, just like the one below which he captioned: “So happy to be an uncle. Excited to teach you boy stuff Titan.”

The Eastwoods are one big happy family!