Clint Eastwood’s son Scott looks exactly like his dad and is following into his footsteps

Like father, like son!


Many young actors in the making who happen to have famous parents who have been in the business way before them and are very successful at what they do find that either as a blessing or as an obstacle, because many expect from them to reach their mom’s or dad’s success. When we think of it, it’s safe to say that many did live by the public’s expectations, such as Michael Douglas whose father was legendary actor Kirk Douglas, or Kate Hudson who followed into her mom Goldie Hawn’s footsteps.

Scott Eastwood, the son of actor and director Clint Eastwood, as you are guessing already, chose to pursue a career in acting just like his dad. Now, if you have seen him in front of the camera, you will definitely agree that he inherited not only his dad’s talent, but his great looks, too.

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Happy birthday pops. 88 never looked so good. #legend

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When he first started acting, Scott took his mom’s surname as he didn’t want people to think he’s getting roles because of his father and not because of what he has to offer. In fact, Scott isn’t the only Clint’s child who wanted to try themselves in the movie industry, but he is the one who resembles his dad the most.

Throughout the years, Scott has posted photos of him and Clint side by side to show the uncanny similarity.

From roles in movies like Suicide Squad and The Fate of the Furious, Scott, who is dubbed a Hollywood hottie, is a rising star.

However, he was never given any of his roles on a plate. Instead, he auditioned for most of the roles in his dad’s movies and missed being part in many of them. But according to him, his father making him work hard for all he has achieved is the best thing he could ever get. “It was probably the best thing dad could have done for me,” Scott told the Sunday People .“He could have made it easy but I wouldn’t have learnt anything from that.”

“He believes you have to earn your way in life and I agree, although there were a lot of times when I would be angry with him because I knew he could have helped me out with money,” Scott added.

Scott’s latest movie sees him starring alongside Orlando Bloom in a 2020 release called The Outpost. 

Honestly, we can’t wait to see more of Scott in the years to come. With such talent and charm, his success is guaranteed.

Take a look at the video of this handsome young man speaking how his dad won’t cast him just because they are family.