Child complains about babysitter, so husband installs a hidden camera and discovers shocking footage

The babysitter seemed both reliable and competent, and everything went well at first. But soon everything changed.


When Desiree LeBlanc who is a child welfare officer had to get back to work after she gave birth to a baby girl, she tried hard to find the best person she could trust her daughter to.

After carefully considering all the options, she decided she would feel most comfortable with leaving her baby in the care of 28-year-old Christina Williamson. LeBlanc recalls her first meeting with this babysitter, and says how the place was very neat and there were a bunch of toys around. Christina’s home also had a big garden where the kids could have fun when the weather would be nice.

Once LeBlanc’s daughter started attending Christina’s home daycare, this mother was even more convinced she made the right choice as the babysitter seemed to be taking great care of the kids. Whenever there was an incident of any kind, the parents would be given details. LeBlanc says how there were times when she was told how her daughter accidentally scratched herself and she would also receive pictures to see how serious it was. This spoke of Christina as a caring person.

One day, however, this all changed, and what LeBlanc learned left her outraged.

Her supervisor told her to go and pick her daughter from daycare and advised her not to speak to Christina while doing so. LeBlanc didn’t know what was going on, but she did as she was told.

Later, she learned the dreadful truth about what was going on behind closed doors. The way this babysitter treated the kids she was supposed to take care of is cruel and unacceptable.

Cristina’s mi*treatment of the children was discovered by her own husband who set up cameras around the house after one of the kids, an 8-year-old boy, told him how there was “unusual treatment of the kids by Christina.” After he checked the footage, he immediately reported his soon to be ex-wife to the police.

KCCI News reported how the kids were aggressively pushed and screamed at. This babysitter from hell could be seen forcefully holding them face-down and stuffing their mouths with clothes to prevent them from crying.

The footage also showed how she would leave a 5-month-old baby at home all alone during several occasions.

Thankfully, Christina was sentenced to 5 years in prison and she won’t be able to hurt any other child ever again. News Channel KCCI Des Moines 8 reported how none of the kids have shown lasting effect from the way they were treated.

This story just shows how cautious parents should be when choosing a babysitter.

Proceed with caution: The video below contains strong images.