We, as humans, tend to judge others for their acts without being aware of the struggles they are going through. However, abandoning a helpless child is something I can never find an excuse for.

Recently, a two-year-old boy was left at a Goodwill store with a note written on a paper towel and a plastic bag with some clothes and some food. Witnesses say the boy was brought inside the store by a man who then left the poor kid behind. Before leaving the place, the man approached one of the employees and told them that “the child’s mother couldn’t care for him,” as per WREG News.

Source: WMC Action News 5

The boy couldn’t speak, but when asked about his age, he held up two fingers. Luckily, shortly after he was abandoned, the police managed to identify him.

According to the employees, the boy wasn’t really dressed up properly considering how cold it was outside, but seemed happy and was very playful.

Currently, he’s under the custody of Mississippi Child Protective Services, but no further information has been revealed.


In the meantime, the police arrested a suspect who is in custody. However, no names have been revealed.

We truly hope this boy will get the care he deserves in the future.