Brain damaged pup dumped in the middle of the street gets the much needed help

He was happy to be spotted by the right people just in time to be saved!


With all those stories of animals who are being abused, neglected, and abandoned in the worst ways possible, I can’t help by wonder why would those people even take a pet in if they are not ready to commit and take great care of them.

A cruel owner dumped a tiny puppy in the middle of the street. And as if abandoning the fragile creature wasn’t mean enough, he hurt his head severely before getting rid of him.

Source: Animal Rescue via Quovadis Vilma Vilca

The poor pup was staying there in pain and helpless to even ask for help from the passersby who ignored him and pretended he didn’t exist. Luckily, a woman and her son noticed the curled up pup and got closer to him. They noticed the injury on his head and realized it was a serious one and the little guy was in need of medical attention.

However, the pup was way too scared to feel comfortable around these people who were there to give him a second chance in life.

Source: Animal Rescue via Quovadis Vilma Vilca

Eventually, the mom and her son alerted an animal rescue service who lifted the pup up and took him to the vet’s. There, it was determined that the sweet animal suffered a brain injury and doctors didn’t know whether things would get better or worse in the days to come. They gave him medicines and said he needed around the clock care, something the good Samaritans were more than willing to give to the pup who became an important part of their life.

Source: Animal Rescue via Quovadis Vilma Vilca

As weeks passed by, the puppy showed immense progress. He started wagging his tail and gave his human family lots of kisses. The vets were amazed at the significant improvement and were happy the dog was found by the right people.

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