Born Just After 24 Week Abortion Limit, 9 Months On, Doctors Can’t Believe What They See!


We all have a paternal instinct in us, to prosper and carry on our genetic lines. Victoria Bradley was more eager than most to have a little beautiful baby and bless the word with another little beauty of life. Imagine how excited she was to realize that she was pregnant!

Around 24 weeks into her pregnancy she realized that it was not going to be a conventional sort of pregnancy for her. She learned in her hospital visit that it could be devastating if her daughter was born too soon.


It was a very touching and special time, quite emotionally taxing though too. She was so nervous not knowing what might happen to her precious little baby when Victoria gave birth to the tiny little girl the doctors said that she wasn’t likely to live very long.


Francesca is what her mom decided to call her sweet little girl, she had no idea at that stage that the two-pound little baby was going to be a miracle!

The little baby arrived so early that just two days before her birth she could have been legally aborted and while her early birth was a shock to both mom and the doctors, mom grasped hope for her little girl to live.


Just looking at Francesca’s tiny little feet and her tiny little hands made everyone melt, her mom said that looking at her little body it hadn’t sunk in that she was her daughter!

Mom hung on and was string through her multiple surgeries and medical procedures, she held her skin-to-skin to help bond to each other and hoped it all worked out.


During the first month, there were many challenges and it makes it very hard to believe that she could one day really be a normal thriving baby girl. However, after many months of sickness and recovery, just see how she looks now!


Francesca has completely denied the odds and look at her now, an inspiration, one day she will grow to be an even bigger inspiration too!

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