Body of missing 3-year-old found in pond 200 yards from her home

Have you followed this story? There's been a devastating update. Let's all offer prayers of strength and comfort to this little girl's family


3-year-old Vivian Fitzenrider had gone missing around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Her parents believed their red-headed girl was in the house, but it wasn’t until 30 minutes later that they realized she was actually missing.

They believe she left the place all by herself and after they failed tracking her down, the Mountain Grove Fire Department got involved into the search that lasted less than 24 hours when the lifeless body of the girl was found in a pond 200 yards from her Missouri home.

The sad news came on Wednesday, at around 7 a.m, and it left the family and the whole community heartbroken. The 200 volunteers that joined in the search felt like they failed.

Mountain Grove Fire Department took to Facebook to inform people of the tragedy. They posted with heavy hearts and expressed their condolences.

Currently, the Missouri Highway Patrol, Mountain Grove Police Department, and the Wright County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the case, though they believe Vivian’s death was an accident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Vivian’s family. We hope no other parents would ever have to go through such grief and loss ever again.