4-year-old boy survives hit-and-run after being dragged down street by a truck

“They’re a coward, they’re an animal. They have no regards for the human race, period.”


With the beauty of becoming a parent comes the constant worry for the well-being of the little ones.

Recently, one mom named Jennifer Moore experienced what every mom and dad out there fears of. Her 4-year-old child didn’t get off the bus at the bus stop where she was waiting for him.

This mom immediately knew something was wrong. She tried to keep calm and approached the bus driver who told her to look for he boy at the last stop the bus had made.

There, she came across her child lying in the middle of the road with concerned and terrified passersby gathered around him.

“When I turned the corner, my son was laying in the middle of the road with a group of people around him because a truck hit him and took off,” Jennifer said.

The truck driver stuck Joseph and dragged him down the road after which he fled the scene without even checking whether the boy was alive or not.

Jennifer just can’t understand how someone can be so cruel.

Speaking of the person who hurt her child and left him there in the middle of the road, Jennifer said: “They’re a coward, they’re an animal. They have no regards for the human race, period.”

Authorities are doing their best to solve the case and track the truck driver down, but they only have little information on who he might be. Witnesses said he was driving a blue Chevy S-10, and currently, that’s all they know.

Joseph was rushed at the nearest hospital after the accident took place and he ended up with a broken femur and severe road rash, but thankfully, he recovers pretty well.

The boy clearly remembers what happened on that day, saying how he got off at the wrong bus stop and tried to cross the road. He looked left and right and as there were no vehicles, he started walking. But then, out of the blue, the pick-up that was speeding struck him.

“He saw a blue truck coming and so he tried to run the rest of the way across the street. He said, ‘Mommy, it didn’t slow down and it knocked me over and dragged me on the ground and then I fell asleep,” Jennifer said.

We wish little Joseph well and we hope the person responsible would be soon brought to justice.