Man sings incredible rendition of Elvis hit that forces the judge to hit the golden buzzer

It was truly an inspirational moment for everybody who was present.


Taking part in a talent show viewed by millions doesn’t only take skills, but also courage, dedication, and self-confidence.

When Barry Darcy of Cork first took the stage of Ireland’s Got Talent, he wowed not only the audience, but the strict and demanding group of judges too. He treated everyone with his amazingly hunting vocal, and then he took a step further and shared with the wider crowd his life story that triggered flow of emotions. Honestly, simply by looking at this 38-year-old contestant, the way he looks, the way he sings, the way he smiles, never you could imagine the terrific ordeal he had to go through. What you are about to witness is how optimism and resilience can make any problem fade away.

“I had a herniated disc in my back and it crushed the nerves into my legs. I just went to get out of bed one day and fell out on to the floor. They gave me a fifty-fifty chance of ever walking again, and I took it,” Darcy said.

We can’t even imagine how it felt like to wake up one day and realize you are probably not going to be able to stand or walk on your feet ever again. This tragedy that struck him only taught him how life is totally unpredictable so we need to do our best to live every single day to the fullest. The experience also made him even more devoted to his loving family. His wife was his biggest support and he describes the relationship with her as ‘a solid, solid unit.’

Barry chose to perform Elvis Presley’s “The Wonder of You” and judges were stunned how his voice actually resembled that of the King of Rock.

The lyrics of this melody showed how he felt for his loved ones. He poured his heart and soul on that stage, confident in what he had to give Ireland and the whole world. His singing was accompanied by loud clapping and ovations. It looked like the country found their new sweetheart.

This man hit every note just perfectly, including the high tones that are quite demanding to master. But with his family by his side, Barry would stop at nothing. They proudly watched as their husband and a father stole the hearts of the crowd. This sweet moment became even better when one of the judges, Louis Walsh, decided this awesome performance should be awarded with a Golden Buzzer. Barry was left in tears of joy.

This guy knows that with the right attitude everything is possible.

Barry made a lasting impression on everyone who got to listen to him singing. As for us, we say he’s an inspiration and a proof that dreams do come true.