Baby throws his arms up for joy every morning when parents unswaddle him

Kaden's morning routine stole millions of hearts.


When Kaden was a little baby, his parents’ couldn’t help by notice his huge smile whenever they would unswaddle him in the morning. Throwing his arms up for joy and enjoying his worry-free life, Kaden was a delight to see.

Wanting to share his joy with the rest of the world and bring smiles on people faces, the mom and dad decided to film the cute routine and post it online. To their surprise, Kaden’s morning reaction has been seen over 4 million times.

Source: KPtheBaby/YouTube

For those wondering why Kaden was swaddled, the parents explained how he loved that because his startle reflex was strong.

Source: KPtheBaby/YouTube

After the sweet video of Kaden got the attention of so many people, he became a sort of celebrity. Everyone kept wondering what the happy baby and his family were up to, so mom and dad decided to keep their fans updated by posting more videos of their bundle of joy.

The one below shows Kaden learning how to drink from a bottle. “An epic battle between baby and bottle. Who will win and who will lose? Who will get stuck cleaning up?” the description asks.

Kaden also has a Facebook page dedicated to him and around 44,000 followers who enjoy his everyday antics.

One of the videos posted there shows him getting overly excited for a plate of French fries. His parents wrote how he always greets this dish with clapping and it’s so adorable to witness.

The journey of Kaden going from a little baby of just a couple of months into a toddler features many milestones captured on videos including Kaden’s first words.

Recently, the family welcomed another family member, a sweet baby girl. Kaden became a big brother and it looks like he loves his new role. Although he’s still very young himself, he’s loving and caring and people love him even more than before because of that.

Take a look at the video that made Kaden famous below. Isn’t he the cutest ever?