Baby monkey can’t contain his excitement when he reunites with his human grandma after a week

The monkey's reaction is the cutest thing ever.


Getting a monkey as a pet might not be that usual, but people still opt to keep them in.

Zoey is a baby monkey who lives with a human family and loves them a lot, especially his grandma. Monkeys are able to show emotions similarly to humans. They laugh when they are happy and cry when they are sad. So the good thing is that we always know whether they are feeling fine or not.

In fact, when they get attached to someone, they miss that person whenever they are not around. When Zoey’s grandma left town for a week, he was waiting for her to get back because he apparently missed her very much. If you don’t trust us, then you have to see his reaction that brought a lot of smiles to many faces.


The moment he spots his favorite person, Zoey starts screaming in excitement and reaches his tiny hands towards her. Once in her arms, he can’t stop kissing her.

People say this is one of the most adorable videos there are, and I guess they are right.

Check out the sweet reunion in the video below.