Baby elephant who was washed away in flood follows his rescuer wherever she goes

The two are inseparable!


The fact that many wild animals become endangered on our watch is sad beyond belief. We are helpless to help a number of species because we sometimes act as though this world belongs only to us, forgetting that it is the home of a huge number of species.

Thankfully, there are people out there who dedicate their lives to saving and protecting different groups of animals. One of them is Roxy Danckwerst, a woman who has spent two decades caring for orphaned animals.

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

One of the latest members of Roxy’s sanctuary, Wild is Life, is a baby elephant named Moyo, which means “of the heart.” The poor baby was found abandoned on the shores of Lake Kariba, in Zimbabwe, by rangers. They assume that the family was trying to cross a river, but the little one got washed away.

Luckily, Roxy was there to open the doors to her home and her heart for Moyo. What is incredible about this loving creature is that he found comfort with his caretaker and fell in love with her so much that he now spends every second of every day by her side. The two even sleep side by side.

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

In the past, Roxy cared for and nurtured a huge number of elephants that she later released in the wild. But it’s different with Moyo. He’s still very young and dependable, and although living with a 123 pound creature is quite demanding, Roxy is happy she gets to take care of her sweet friend.

For more on this cute friendship check out the video below by BBC’s show Nature’s Miracle Orphans.