Autistic child is throwing tantrum on flight – Crew puts a stop to it

This mom knew her autistic son was causing inconvenience during the flight. But one note changed everything!


Being a parent to an autistic child can be an overwhelming experience. These parents, however, always do everything in their power to provide their kids with the best life they can have considering their condition.

A mom named Lori Gabriel boarded a flight on United Airlines with her five-year old autistic boy recently.

She was looking forward to the trip, but she was also aware that little Braysen could behave in a manner that other passengers may find inconvenient.

Once on the plane, they headed to their assigned seats, but Braysen refused to sit down. Gabriel tried to explain to him that he had to take his seat, but he simply wouldn’t listen.

Moments later, he started screaming uncontrollably.

Gabriel worried the two might be asked to leave the plane before it takes off as Brayson started running up to first-class.

He wanted to sit on the floor there and his mom couldn’t convince him that it simply wasn’t allowed as he had to have a seat-belt on during take off.

Gabriel felt bad as she knew the rest of the passenger found her son’s tantrum annoying although they said they didn’t mind him running around.

Then, as Braysen started playing with one of the passenger’s armrest, the flight attendant approached. Gabriel was worried sick at this point because she expected from her to tell her to calm the child down or leave the plane.

But what the flight attendant had to say changed everything and put this mom at ease.

Gabriel was told that Braysen could sit anywhere he wanted whenever the seat-belt sign was off.

Hearing this, Braysen agreed to take his seat during the take-off.

But the moment he noticed the sign was off, he quickly ran to the first class area and sat on the floor.

The plane staff was so understanding that they even gave Braysen a blanket so that he didn’t feel uncomfortable on the floor.

Once he got what he wanted, Braysen behaved throughout the whole time. He just sat there quietly and didn’t bother anyone.

And then, just before they reached their final destination, one of the passengers got closer to Gabriel and gave her a piece of paper with something written on it.

When she took it in her hand, Gabriel didn’t know what to expect, but once she read it, her heart melted. It said, “I commend you for your strength. Do not EVER let anyone make you feel as though you are an inconvenience or a burden.”

It ended saying that Braysen was a blessing!

Gabriel knew that perfectly but maybe she needed someone to remind her of that.

This dedicated and loving mom felt the need to thank everyone who treated her son with so much compassion so she posted the note on Facebook and expressed the gratitude to the company, the flight attendant, the woman who handed her that note, and all the passengers.

People who got to see the post and read the note were deeply touched. Many said that it was because of people like those on that flight that the world is a better place.

The story of Braysen and his brave mother is just a proof that we should always be kind to everyone because we never really know what people are going through.

A little love and support won’t cost us anything, but it can mean the world to someone.