Animal found by police has worst case of matted fur ever

When the police spotted this animal on the street,they quickly knew it was in serious trouble. After bringing the animal to the local rescue they quickly got to work. Her after pictures and transformation are heartbreaking.


Getting a pet should be forever. Once they enter our home, they become family, and as a result, they need to be treated as such. Sadly, many owners treat their pets with disrespect, thus they neglect them and many time, they leave them behind.

A calico cat, which was likely a house pet in the past, was spotted by some police officers. When they first laid eye on the animal, they weren’t sure what they were looking at. The cat’s fur was so matted that it resembled a huge tarantula.

Being aware that it suffered from the matted fur which looked like dreadlocks, the officers decided to take the animal to the nearest shelter.

The staff were left in a complete shock. They have never seen such a severe case of matter fur ever.

The cat was sedated and its fur was shaven off. The poor animal has finally had the weight lifted off its back.

The locks of fur looked like tentacles.

We are so glad someone spotted this poor animal in need and din’t turn a blind eye but offered compassion.

For more on this cat’s story go to the video below.

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