Alexander Thought She Had Been Scammed, She Was Happy To Learn The True Story


Homeless people do have a way of drawing in those who want to genuinely help. Many of us only look at how they look outwardly but some of us make assumptions about them form how we think they ended up in the streets.

Nevertheless, even considering how that homeless person might have ended up on the streets, we find the love in our heart to give to them selflessly. On this note, there was one Facebooker who realized how important it is to do this!

A realtor in Jacksonville, North Carolina, called ShelbyLynn Henry Alexander went into detail about what exactly happened to her in January. She saw, while sat waiting at some traffic lights, a raggedy man standing with little clothes and it was only 30 degrees outside!

He had handwritten in big letters on a cardboard sign:

“Need a little help. Will pay it forward.”

Alexander went over to the guy, he had a dog that he wrapped in a blanket and decided to give him some money. She wrapped three bills around her real estate business card, and then for the times to come, maybe he would be in a better position and need a home.

Alexander drove off and as she did she said a prayer for him, she said about him:

“I never caught his name, but I remembered his face.”

Looking forward eight months and Alexander saw how much a simple prayer could change things, sure enough, she received a call one night from a client, at her office.

When Alexander arrived at the meeting with the client she noticed a dog poking his head out of the client’s truck. As the guy opened the truck door she noticed that is was the same guy she gave the money to earlier on that year.

This time around the guy was clean and dressed nicely, Alexander had a fearful thought that maybe it was a scam from the beginning, but then the guy, with tears in his eyes handed her back her card wrapped in three bills!

She was left completely speechless, she learned that he was homeless following a bad divorce. Present day he has a new job as an engineer, his life was back on track!

That day Alexander really learned to not judge anyone without knowing all about them and their circumstances, just pray and let God decide!