A dirty man approached me the other day

Yesterday, a homeless man approached me, dirty and sad, without shoes and a torn shirt, he asked me for $20, I gave him $50, he said, “Thank you very much! “. I exclaimed, "Take care of yourself!" But he didn't take his eyes off me, his face suddenly lit up with joy. He said, "Don't you remember me?" We went to high school together, I'm Ross! I looked at him Oh, my God! Ross, of course, I remember, what happened to you? - Sad, he told me: everything happened to me! I joined a...


An unknown man shared a story which had us thinking about how the choices we make determine the course of our life and whether or not our parents are to be praised or blamed for our successes and failures.

Namely, the man starts the story by sharing that he had come across a homeless man who asked for $20. He gave him $50 instead and then the homeless man said, “I’m Ross, and we went to high school together.”

“Ross?! What happened to you, buddy? Why are you on the streets? I remember you as a fighter, and you even protected me once when someone tried to attack me.”

Ross explained that he made some bad decisions. He started smoking, drinking heavily, taking drugs, and he even beat his wife and now his children didn’t want to do anything with him. He was all alone, with no place to stay, no job, and no one to talk to.

He even attempted suicide as he saw no way out from the situation he found himself in.

“I came across Ross pleading for food as I headed to my car. I wanted to assist him even though I had already eaten. He smiled and told me he was fine and had already found enough food for the day. It got me thinking about how, despite having similar circumstances, our lives may go in such diverse directions. I believe this is because the decisions our parents make for us affect our present,” the man continued his story.

He explained that his parents were strict in a way that taught him to become a respected individual.

“Despite being strict, my parents weren’t the worst in the world. I had to adhere to guidelines and schedules, and there were penalties if I still needed to finish duties by the due date.

“Ross could play and do anything he wanted while running around the block. He didn’t get in trouble if he skipped class, but I did, whether I was just a few minutes late or not. He was also free to insult the elderly, smoke, and eat any food he pleased in the town.

“I had to eat long chicken soup or vegetable soup and drink milk and water. Even bringing up the subject made me nervous! Am I using foul words or giving an incorrect response?

“A slap across the mouth and a sarcastic expression! Thank you, mom and dad! Since I had the “worst” parents in the world for parents, it’s not him today; it’s me!”

“Today, I am appreciative of my parents. I like how they were both firm and loving. They will always be in my heart.”

Do you believe the way we are raised has to do with the type of people we turn into, or the society and the people we hang out with influence our decision?

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