93-Yr-Old Veteran Left Homeless After Fleeing Fires, Then Strangers Say ‘You’re Coming With Us’

Lee Brundige, a 93-year-old World War 2 veteran, fled the California wildfires and had nowhere to go. He was sleeping in his car in a parking lot when he heard a knock on his window that would change his fate.


The devastating California wildfires left an enormous number of residents homeless. Thousands of people were evacuated and placed away from their city and even the country, and unfortunately many are missing. Those whose homes were destroyed by the flames are now left with nothing but the memories of the happy times spent there.

One of the many evacuees is a World War II veteran. This 93-year-old man named Lee Brundige left his house after the fire approached closer. He lives alone, and everything he took with him was his car he used to drive himself to a nearby parking lot.

He wasn’t the only person looking for a way out at the parking place, but authorities soon told all the people who were staying there to leave because the air quality was declining. Lee had no idea whether his house was safe or already burnt down, which was the case with thousands of other homes.

As he decided to drive further, he noticed a young lady who was delivering some food to the people around. She remembers how Lee rejected the food, telling her to offer it to someone who will need it more than he did.

This veteran’s plan was to sleep in his car, and move even further if needed. But when Tracy, the girl who offered him the food, learned the old man was about to be left outside, sleeping in his vehicle, she decided to offer something else. A place in her home.

She lives with her boyfriend Josh, and the dogs. Lee was flattered to be offered such a generous suggestion, but he only accepted it after Tracy was trying to convince him for some time.

These generous and compassionate people told Lee that in case his house is no longer there, he could stay with them forever.

Their act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed and we do hope it will inspire others to open the doors of their homes to those in need.

Lee is beyond happy to be spending time with Tracy, Josh, and the dogs. These kind strangers are his “saviors.”

If you believe more people should provide this kind of support to those who were affected by the wildfires, please share this lovely story and spread the word.