9-year-old who spent 1,445 days in foster care gets adopted by former teacher

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I’m sure most of you have seen the iconic film Matilda which is about a brilliantly intelligent little girl not understood by her parents. However, as much as she’s not appreciated at home, someone special at school, her teacher Miss Honey, notices Matilda’s intellect. Fast forward to the ending of this masterpiece, Matilda ends up with her teacher who adopts her and gives her a new lease of life.

Some say things like this don’t happen in real life, but that’s not exactly true. No matter how small the number is, children who experience rough childhood do end up with new and better families, and sweet Loralie is one such beautiful example.

This girl found herself in the foster system when she was just 4 years old and all she could ever dream of was finding a forever home. Luckily, after 1,445 days in foster care, just like Matilda, she got adopted by her former second grade teacher.

Loralie spent five years wondering if she would ever feel loved again, but becoming part of teacher Zoe Henry’s family was worth all the waiting.

She was one of 165 Los Angeles County children who were officially adopted on National Adoption Day on Saturday. This beautiful and meaningful event takes place each year, and this year, as well as the previous one, it was held virtually because of the ongoing pandemic, but that certainly didn’t make it any less special.

The great thing was that all the adoptions were finalized just before Thanksgiving and all those children got to spend the holiday in their new homes.

“She completes our family, she completes our life,” Loralie’s new mom said.

“She brings such adventure and joy and fun and spunkiness to everything that we do, so it’s perfect. It’s perfect. Don’t cry? OK.”