9 habits to start today in order to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s before it’s too late

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Living with Alzheimer or dementia isn’t just hard for the person suffering from it but for those around them as well. Seeing a loved one struggling to remember things clearly is simply heartbreaking and everyone who has a relative with either of these two conditions knows the pain all too well.

The good thing is that medicine is evolving with each passing day and we never know when the cure for some of the diseases and conditions of today will be found. One thing is certain, we should never lose hope.

Researchers and scientists believe these 9 habits can help us protect our brain from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Read all about it below.

1. Quit smoking 

Most of the people who enjoy smoking are aware of the negative consequences of this habit. Smoking doesn’t only affect the skin, but the brain as well. Researchers say that smokers run a 45 percent higher risk of getting Alzheimer’s compared to non-smokers.

2. Increase your vitamin B12 intake

Recent researches done at a medical institution in Finland speak of the correlation of Alzheimer’s and dementia and the deficiency of B12. That is one reason why you should start eating more food containing this important vitamin such as eggs, seafood, fish, and meat.

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3. Be more active

Exercising for at least half an hour a day can affect your health positively. Not only you’ll feel fresher and younger, but you’ll help decrease the chances of suffering from dementia. Exercise helps keep your brain in shape as well, not just your body.

4. Increase your Vitamin D intake

Over the years, more and more importance is given to the vitamin D. A study conducted in the US back in 2014 showed that the deficiency of this vitamin can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s by 125 percent.

If you want to increase your daily intake of this vitamin just spend more time on the sun. If that’s not an option, take some supplements.

5. Drink coffee

If you are one of those people who can’t imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee, than you are at the same time lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 50 percent.

This drink plays the role of an antioxidant.

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6. Protect your head

Studies suggest that bad head injuries can later lead to developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. That is why make sure you keep your head safe at all times, especially when you’re riding a bike or motorcycle. Never do it without a helmet.

7. Minimize alcohol intake

If you drink alcohol every now and then remember that consuming too much of it can negatively affect the normal functioning of the brain thus lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s. Of course, you can always have a glass of wine as it is said to keep you healthy.

8. Brain exercises are great

Our brain should be stimulated at all times. In case you wonder how to do it, here’s a tip. Read a lot, or solve crosswords and Sudoku whenever possible. Learning new things make the brain put an extra effort in remembering them, so that boosts memory.

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9. Make sure to relax and rest!

Stress can cause dementia and no matter how hard it is to avoid stressful situations, do everything to do exactly that. Take rest often and make sure your brain and body get enough sleep.

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