8 things you can learn about someone from a single kiss

8 things you can learn about someone from a single kiss


Finding “the one” is probably one of the hardest things in life, as not everyone is lucky enough to get involved in a relationship with their perfect match. Many times, what we think is an ideal relationship turns into a disastrous one and we find ourselves on the dating scene again. So, how do we know if someone is our soulmate and worth spending the journey called life together?

I guess that first of all, we should be aware of the qualities that we secretly wish our perfect date to possess in order for something more serious to take place. One of those is the way the person kisses. According to Bright Side one can learn a lot about their partner after sharing just one single kiss.

8. Is there chemistry between you and your partner?

I am confident how you’ve heard the term ‘chemistry’ being used to describe what two people have together. So what does this word really stand for? The truth is that the chemistry felt between two people can’t be put into words. The moment the partners’ lips touch, it can’t be felt in the stomach whether that’s IT.

If there are no sparks or the feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach, that’s probably not going to change, as if there’s chemistry, you feel it from the start.

7. Will your partner be good in bed?

You may now wonder what the connection between the first kiss and how good your potential partner would be in bed have in common. The answer is A LOT. While kissing, you should pay attention how they move their hands and what part of your body they prefer to caress. It’s believed that most of the technique used during the first kiss is also applied in the bedroom. So if you don’t feel overwhelmed by your partner’s kissing, you should reconsider your decision about sleeping with them.

6. Is your partner confident enough?

When you are choosing a partner, you probably want to be with someone who’s confident in themselves. Well, that first kiss speaks a lot of whether that other person knows what they are doing or are completely clueless of how to treat you and how to approach you.

The kissing should come natural. If it’s forced, that’s not really a good sign. You should also pay attention of how the other person reacts to your kiss. How they lean towards you, how they keep their head, or whether they put their arms around your waist or your neck is also something worth taking into consideration.

What comes after the kiss is also important. It’s believed that if the person is willing to show emotions after that fist kiss happens, they would probably be that open later in the relationship as well.

5. Does your partner take care of themselves?

If the partner wants to make a good first impression, he or she should mind their hygiene and show up wearing a perfume, being showered, and having fresh breath. You definitely wouldn’t want some stinky guy or girl kissing you, right? Because if they don’t care about the way they look while dating you, it means your opinion of them isn’t something they really care about. And honestly, that’s not a good start of a relationship.

If their teeth aren’t brushed the first time they kiss you, don’t expect from them to brush them later on. They are probably not taking good care of their personal hygiene.

4. Is your partner a good listener?

While kissing, we send dozens of micro-signals and that way alert the other person whether they should push or pull back with what they are doing. If you are not a kind of person who enjoys being kissed using tongue let’s say, and you tell that to the person kissing you, they shouldn’t insist, but adjust to your rhythm.

If the partner is able to understand and accept all those tiny signs your body sends to them, they might be the right person for you. This way you know you are dealing with someone who respects your wishes. When kissing someone for the first time, make sure you pay attention whether they are able to follow your lead or not.

3. How serious will your relationship be?

Just because someone kisses you, that doesn’t necessarily means they would start a relationship with you. He or she may simply find you attractive, but that’s it. If you want to figure out whether they see you as a long-term relationship material or not, you should see how they kiss you. Do they take their time, or are in a rush?

Your feelings are equally important, of course. You may also not be certain whether that person might be your soulmate or not, and kissing them is just one way of imagining whether you can spend your lifetime with them or not. After that kiss, your intentions would probably be more clear.

2. Does your partner rush things?

Being patient and doing things one step at a time could be a sing that your date or what was supposed to be just a flirt could turn into something more serious. On the other hand, if the partner is rushing things out, such as touching you all over your body, sliding up their hands under your shirt, or grabbing your ass, they just want to sleep with you and see you as a one night stand.

The right person would never force you to do something you are not comfortable with and would enjoy every moment of the time they have with you.

1. Is your partner appreciative?

So, you kissed for the first time, and now what? The reaction of your partner after the first kiss reveals a lot about their feelings for you. Are they happy and smiling because they got to kiss you? If the answer is yes, than it means they like you and enjoyed putting their lips on yours.

Do you think the first kiss is really that important? What was yours like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.