7-year-old girl pleads for help in neighbor’s door cam after stumbling upon a wild bobcat

It was a terrifying moment.


An unlike encounter with a bobcat left a 7-year-old girl from Arizona in complete fear, but she managed to get herself out of the scary situation thanks to her quick-thinking reaction.

It all started when young Taylor was riding her bike around the neighborhood. She usually doesn’t go away from her home, but this time it was a bit different. She got carried away and found herself far from her home. Then, out of the blue, she spotted a bobcat. Needless to say, she got really scared and didn’t know what to do. Riding back home wasn’t really an option because she was already too far. Luckily, she spotted a familiar house, that of her friend Lauren.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

Taylor ran to the porch, leaving her bike behind and rang the bell. When no one answered, she started knocking and asking whether anyone was home.

Lauren’s mom, Nicole, has a ring doorbell system and can see who’s at the door through her phone which rings when someone’s pressing the doorbell. She answered the phone and heard a shaking voice. Taylor explained how there was a bobcat in the neighborhood and pleaded to enter the place. Nicole told her to stay calm and wait as they were a minute away from home. “Stay right there sweetie, as soon as I get you in my house safe, I will call your mom,” Lauren’s said.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Ring

Moments later, Lauren parked her car and Taylor felt relieved knowing she was safe. Luckily, this all ended without anyone being hurt.

It seems that bobcats aren’t dangerous to humans, unless they have the rabies virus. But despite that, a girl that young stumbling upon one has to be a blood-curdling experience.

Source: Ring

Take a look at the video below. So far, it has been seen over 7 million times.