Viral video shows a man offering his pants to a homeless person

How many of us would do the same!?


If you have roof over your head and food on your table, you are more fortunate than millions who struggle to make ends meet each and every day and to find a place to spend the night.

The thing is that most countries don’t do a lot for the homeless people who are sadly considered less valuable than those who have a home. But we somehow forget that the reasons why someone lives on the streets are various and many of these people are hardworking and even educated, but life was harsh to them.

A recent Tik Tok video which went viral in a matter of days shows how we should all treat the homeless and the vulnerable, and that’s by offering help.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

A man named Daniel Richards and his wife Dominique were in for a late-night snack from McDonald’s when they spotted a man not wearing a pants and freezing at the parking lot. It was then that Daniel told Dominique he was going to take his off and give them to the man.

Speaking to the Inside Edition, Dominique said: “My husband just was like: I think I’m gonna go give him my pants. And I was like ‘you’re not gonna give him your pants, stop! We’ll just go home and we’ll go grab something and we’ll come back,’” but Daniel was afraid the man would no longer be there if they did what his wife suggested.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

In the next moment, Daniel approached the man, whom those around said was always wearing exactly the same clothes, and offered to give him his. “I pointed to my pants and ‘if I were to give you my pants would you take them?’ and he said ‘absolutely I will take those pants.’ And I mean within a split second – I didn’t even hesitate – I just took off my pants,” Daniel told Inside Edition.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

Thanks to the video Dominique shared, everyone witnessed Daniel’s good deed. It serves as an inspiration and as many praise Daniel, one person wrote, “Everyone [is] saying ‘we need more people like him’ and what we need is ‘to be like him.’”

Source: YouTube Screenshot – Inside Edition

Thank you Daniel, may God bless you.