6-Year-Old Diagnosed With Cancer Thrilled About Her Dream Holiday Is Left Heartbroken After Stranger Scams Family Of Their Money

"How much bad luck can one family have? When I realized we had been scammed, I was absolutely distraught," said Ruth, mum-of-three.


Life is often unpredictable, and no matter how hard we try to get things right at all times, there come obstacles and challenges such as deadly diseases that we can’t prevent.

Little Skye, a cancer-stricken girl had gone through so much in her life. All the treatments and the hospital stays drained her energy so her family thought it would be awesome if they take her to the vacation she dreamed of. Unfortunately, they stumbled upon a conman who took all their money and took advantage of them. So, the so much anticipated holiday never took place.

The stranger who offered to organize their vacation claimed he was the owner of two static caravans at a holiday park in Butlin. The family didn’t hesitate before transferring the money as they were looking forward to the trip.

When they learned they were scammed, they felt terrible because it meant little Skye wouldn’t get what she was hoping for.

“How much bad luck can one family have? When I realized we had been scammed, I was absolutely distraught,” said Ruth, mum-of-three.

After they filed a case against the scammer, he claimed he was a victim himself, as he said he didn’t take any of the money that the family transferred to him. A spokesperson for the City of London Police said, “The case is currently being assessed by the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau,” and the investigation is still on.

The six-year-old girl was diagnosed with a fist-sized tumor in her brain after she woke up with her eyes crossed one morning. Doctors say it was caused by the treatments she was undertaking for another form of cancer she previously suffered from.

Learning of the devastating news, Skye’s family decided it would be for the best if she continued with her treatments. So, after she underwent several rounds of chemo in the UK, she was transferred to Florida for a proton beam therapy.

The trip was about to take place after the treatments were over and Skye’s health condition improved significantly.

The family paid the scammer £1,700 after which they didn’t hear of him again. He ignored their calls and they realized they had been lied to.

“Skye is absolutely gutted too. I think it is absolutely disgusting, it’s the fact that he has done it to a little girl who has been fighting cancer. You see it happening to other people, you don’t expect it to happen to you,” said Ruth to Mirror Online.

Until they are waiting for the outcome of the lawsuits, Skye’s family started a fundraiser in hopes of getting the money for their little daughter’s holiday.