5-year-old gets bitten by neighbor’s Labrador – this sets off the family pit bull who does the unimaginable

5-year-old gets bitten by neighbor’s Labrador – this sets off the family pit bull who does the unimaginable.


There is no such thing as a bad dog, maybe just bad owners who fail to teach their furry pets the right behavior. When a dog is mistreated, it’s not unusual for them to turn aggressive, but that again, isn’t the dog’s fault.

Out of all dog breeds out there, Pit Bulls are considered to be most vicious. Their bad reputation is a result of humans treatment towards them. They have been used for dog frights for so long that they now stand for aggression. But the Pit Bull from this story proves this common believe to be completely wrong by stepping in for a little girl and saving her life.

Remayah Hernandez, 5, and her sister, were riding their bikes around the neighborhood when Remayah noticed the neighbor’s dog, a Labrador mix named Tank. This little girl is a huge animal lover, so she decided to get closer and pet the animal. But that didn’t end well as Tank attacked her and bit her in the face.

Remayah was in pain and all covered in blood and started screaming as loud as she could. Thankfully, her mother heard her and rushed to save her, but their family dog, a Pit Bull named Trigger was faster. He was always taught how to be a good boy, but when it came to his sweet human sister, he seemed to forgot everything about it and rushed to show the Lab who was he messing with. Trigger jumped the fence and released Remayah from the Lab’s jaws.

The sweet girl was left terrified and confused, but she was grateful her hero pet saved her life. She was taken to hospital where she had a surgery for her injuries. Tack was taken by the police and was eventually put down because of the aggressive behavior he manifested.

The family had a plan to take sweet Remayah to Disney World, but now that they spent all their money on her plastic surgery, they couldn’t afford the trip. However, once her story spread around, people started an online campaign and raised $1,000 for the trip she was so eagerly anticipating.

At the time of the incident, the attacker dog’s owner wasn’t home and isn’t sure how his dog managed to get out of the house. He does believe there is more to the story because as he says, his dog never showed any aggressive behavior before. However, he’s glad the little girl is doing okay.

You can watch the full story below.

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