4 Pound Dog Is Soaked In Her Own Urine Then Rescued By Shelter


There are not many things worse than seeing unhappy animals, for us animal lovers anyway, they all deserve to be fed and to have all the love and attention that we can possibly give them.

It’s a great shame to say that far too many fall through the cracks and don’t get the love or attention, quite the opposite actually.

This little Shih Tzu dog called Liz really had a hard time of it, more so than most, poor girl!

She was found by a great samaritan that took her to the Trio Animal Foundation shelter, in Chicago, Illinois.

When she got there the staff were completely shocked by the poor girl, she was really sick she was so skinny, with a weight of 4 pounds, it was a wonder that she was even alive.

Liz’s body temperature was not good, she was so cool that it hardly registered on the thermometer even, completely emaciated and her fur all matted to her skin.

As if things could be any worse for the poor girl she was soaked in her own urine too.

Trio Animal Foundation

The staff at the shelter took her straight away to their partner vet for immediate emergency care, the vet was even astonished at her atrophied muscles, there was nothing of her hardly at all…

She certainly couldn’t even stand up on her own, it makes our heart sink….

Normally an adult Tzus could weigh in between 10 and 12 pounds, as you can imagine Liz’s weight was alarmingly low compared to this.

Trio Animal Foundation

They gave fluids to Liz with an intravenous drip into her body, and then also some small pieces of meat, it’s really crucial to feed her really slowly, because of how weak she was.

The treatments began to work, albeit very slowly, but it looked like Liz was on her way to recovery.

Trio Animal Foundation

Liz’s condition gradually began to improve, and her stomach could start to handle larger portions of food. Just a few days later she was able to hold her head up by herself.

Trio Animal Foundation

It is unclear how Liz ended up in her dire condition, but she is thankfully improving and making great strides. Whoever abandoned or mistreated Liz in any way should be justly punished, but unfortunately, it remains a mystery how the sweet Shih Tzu ended up in this way.

Thank you so much to the good Samaritan who had the heart to bring Liz in for treatment instead of just leaving her to her horrible fate. We wish her all the best of luck in the future and hope she gets the loving home she so deserves!